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We all know how important our health is for a good life. However, in today's

world we are surrounded by chemicals, which can be harmful to our health. This

is especially true in case of cosmetics and skin care products (SLS*,SLES*,

silicones, parabens*, synthetic dyes and preservatives).


Unfortunately cosmetics which contain large amounts of such harmful substances,

can have a negative impact, not just on our skin, but also on our entire body.

This happens, because the skin is an organ that absorbs various substances.


In the long term, using cosmetics such chemicals may lead to skin and hair

problems, or even general health problems. The skin and body care products

available in our on-line shop come from the pristine areas of Siberia, the

Altai Mountains and Baikal - regions rich in plant species which cannot be

found anywhere else. The rarest wild species of herbs, grasses and flowers

that grow there have also been used for years in manufacturing of unique

cosmetics and skincare products.


We are offering you a wide selection of cosmetics from different brands. All

these skin and body care products, which are natural or organic, have one

thing in common - the orgins of their ingredients. The grasses, herbs and

flowers grow in pure and uncontaminated regions and owing to this the extracts

obtained from these plants have unique properties.


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