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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Q: How long will I have to wait for my ART RADIATORS DESIGNER RADIATOR?


A: Every ART RADIATORS DESIGNER RADIATOR is individually bespoke made. These stylish, luxury Radiators     normally require 28 days from a confirmed order to be prepared for dispatch from our workshop in England.


Q: What is the usual means of delivery utilised by ART RADIATORS?

A: ART RADIATORS DESIGNER RADIATORS are normally delivered to any required address throughout the World by DHL. This top-class service provides an efficient secure and trackable delivery process at an affordable price.

Q: How is my ART RADIATOR DESIGNER RADIATOR packaged for delivery to my home?

A: Each ART 0RADIATOR DESIGNER RADIATOR is normally individually and bespoke packaged using MDF to ensure a protected and secure journey to your home.

Q: I love the idea of an individually hand-made, stylish, luxury Radiator to heat my home, but would be interested in a design that shows my passion for Motor

Racing (or Yachts, Horses, Hot Air Ballooning etc, etc, etc)

Can ART RADIATORS help me with my unique design requirements?


A: The innovative Designers at ART RADIATORS would be delighted to discuss your requirements and propose Designs for your special, individual Radiator. All our Designer Radiators are hand-made and size, colours and style can be tailored to your taste. Please just ask!


Q: What if I have a problem?

A: ART RADIATORS prides itself on the quality and standard of our hand-made products.

A 5 year guarantee is given on the heating element incorporated in your Designer Radiator. If you have any problems or concerns simply contact us by Telephone, E-mail or Post.

Technical  Problems

Q: What is the Heat Output of my chosen ART RADIATORS DESIGNER RADIATOR?

A: Each of our Designer Radiators comes with a full specification sheet showing the Heat Output in BTU's and Watts. Just ask ART RADIATORS or your Heating Engineer/Plumber about the output required for your particular needs in your Lounge, Kitchen, Bathroom, Bedroom etc. All our Radiators have been fully tested according to European Standard EN442.


Q: How easy is it to fit my ART RADIATORS DESIGNER RADIATOR into my home?

A: ART RADIATORS DESIGNER RADIATORS are all made with Standard 1/2" connectors - (unless otherwise specified) They are therefore perfect to integrate as part of an existing heating system and can be simply installed using the supplied fittings.

NB. Suitable Thermostatic Valves can be supplied upon request.

ART RADIATORS DESIGNER RADIATORS are also available with Electric Heating Elements upon request.


Q: My chosen ART RADIATOR DESIGN is being hand-made with LED back-lights (eg RED TELEPHONE BOX, EIFFEL TOWER) How do I connect it to an electricity supply?


A: Your ART RADIATORS DESIGNER RADIATOR will have a remote controlled LED Back -lighting system and will simply require a nearby standard 13 Amp plug socket or extension lead.


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